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Nestled along a mile of shoreline on beautiful Echo Lake, Camp Vega has been helping girls become confident and capable young women in a creative and fun-filled camp environment.  Founded in 1936, Vega is named after the brightest star in the summer sky.  Our 300 acres of pristine forest and mile of majestic lakefront have been a summer home to seven generations of campers.  Since 1975, it has been important to us as a family-owned and run business to enfold campers and staff into Vega's circle of friendship, offering safe and exciting summers in our organized, spirited, loving community.  An unusually beautiful setting with unrivaled facilities is the backdrop for our meaningful traditions and nurturing environment.  

We support your daughter in every endeavor, and instill in her the benefits of group living and meaningful camp traditions.  We strive to increase each girls' awareness so she may live wisely, compassionately and confidently.  During summers at Camp Vega, your daughter will learn about teamwork, leadership, mutual respect, good sportsmanship, cabin harmony, camp spirit, and environmental awareness.  There is ample opportunity for each girl to share her thoughts and take risks in feats she never dreamed she could accomplish...

Program & Schedules
Our personalized Activity Selection Program gives your daughter the ultimate opportunity to choose amongst our wide range of activities.  This includes all land and water sports, visual and performing arts, adventure activities, and wilderness excursions.  Our talented program staff will work with you and your daughter before camp, and with your daughter during camp, to create her ideal schedule.  We offer the highest level of instruction in all ages and abilities enabling girls to hone their skills.  More importantly, our staff members are fine role models exemplifying integrity, kindness and compassion.  

Vega’s athletic program encourages introduction to team sports for younger campers, and team play is available to everyone.  Skill instructions are creative, lively, and informative. Games are also an integral part of the fifty-minute skill development period. Our coaches and staff combine for a total team effort with a focus on developing the physical and mental skills of each player.

Vega offers an exceptional intercamp program for campers interested in athletic com-petition in the area of their choice.  Meets and tournaments are organized with regional camps.  Vega hosts invitational events in tennis, water skiing, gymnastics, swimming, horseback riding, sailing, basketball, soccer, softball, squash, lacrosse, and volleyball.  Any camper who signs up for a team is placed on an appropriate team. There are no “try-outs”, except for our competitive gymnastics team, known as the Vega Stars. Our coaches play every team member. Campers are encouraged to join in the fun and feel safe about the experience of being on a sports team.

Cultural Arts
In addition to athletics, Vega campers enjoy various art programs, which nicely compliment the physical activities. Artistic programs include arts and crafts (ceramics, stained glass, fabrics and fibers, painting, drawing, and jewelry), dance (jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop, and Pointe), music (drums, piano, guitar, and vocals), and drama. Counselors in these respective departments develop each child’s individual artistic abilities.

The arts and crafts department has a presentation of the campers’ works, which is shown on Visiting Day for the parents. The other departments (dance, drama, and music) produce shows in front of the entire camp throughout the summer. Everyone who chooses to perform is grouped together according to age and skill level in order to make everyone as comfortable as possible.

In order to make the most progress in seven short weeks, we know that a highly qualified staff is the most important aspect for running a successful camp. To ensure the superiority of our staff, the screening process entails personal interviews on college campuses across the country.  Once at camp, all staff are re-interviewed by the Directors and Group Leaders. Our staff is hired not only for their departmental achievements and experience working with children, but also for their nurturing characteristics. Our Department Heads are extremely qualified in their fields of instruction, with most coaching their particular skill year round. Furthermore, Vega enjoys an outstanding counselor return rate every year, and we maintain a 3 to 1 camper counselor ratio.

Our delicious buffet selections include choices of fresh vegetables and fruits, vegetarian alternatives, camp made soups and pasta, as well as traditional fare.  We use organic flour in all our fresh baked bread and rolls.  We serve assorted milks, Tropicana orange juice, real lemonade, real fruit juices and no flavored or colored fruit drinks.  Twice daily, optional protein shakes and fresh fruit are made available between activity periods. Throughout each fun-filled day of instruction and games the campers enjoy the food of our executive chef. He has been a chef for the Opreyland Hotel in Nashville and the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Boston before entering and teaching culinary arts full time.

Community Health
Your daughter's health is our primary concern.  We partner with our parents to identify each child's individual hygiene and health needs and are educated and proactive in community health awareness.  Our spacious, air-conditioned Health Center is staffed by our Camp Doctor, Registered Nurses, LPNs, and CNAs to ensure excellent medical care.  Every parent is well informed of any health changes in their daughter.

Vega is a uniform camp for both its campers and staff. Camp Vega’s colors are hunter green and white, although campers may wear blue jeans and gray sweats. Our dress code helps eliminate aesthetic competition that could detract from the camp’s wholesome, community atmosphere. Vega also has an in-house laundry service, which provides campers with cleaned items returned the same day.

Join Us
Historic and beautiful Echo Lake marks the midway point in 30 miles of the Belgrade Lakes Region, and is recognized by the Department of Interior as one of the cleanest lakes in Maine.  Come see for yourself!  We welcome families to tour throughout the summer.  Please contact us to set up a personal visit with your daughter.                1-800-838-VEGA       .

2007 Dates
Camp Dates: June 23rd through August 11th
Visiting Days: July 20th and July 21st
Grandparent's Day: July 11th

2008 Dates
Camp Dates: June 26th through August 14th
Visiting Days: July 25th and July 26th